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Upcoming Project: Game Company Relaunch

One of my ideas for 2023 is to stop the daily blog posts, and one of the reasons I for doing so would be to focus on other projects. 

One of my ideas for 2023 is to "relaunch" my game development "studio." I write "relaunch" and "studio" in quotation marks because my "studio" is hardly a game dev studio - it's just me - and it never had a launch as a company or anything similar. 

I use the name Mad Coat Games to publish my work in some places. In other places, it's Mad Coat Productions. And in the Apple App Store, it's Robert Tamayo.

Relaunching the game development studio would be a way to give an official start to a new wave of game development. I would place all of my current games into an "archives" category, and anything after the relaunch would be treated as a new product launch.

Everything "Mad Coat" would go away. I would start completely fresh, with brand new games not yet even launch. My old games would live on in the archives, and they would be eventually bundled into one release.

Where does Balloon Ghost fit in all this? It's part of "Mad Coat", meaning that it will be the last release of that era for me. I can't start the new project until Balloon Ghost is complete, so that gives me even more motivation to finish it.

I'm not burying the past or moving away from it. I'm simply moving forward with a new name, focus, branding, and games. It's all part of me leveling up and moving into a different style of game altogether, one that makes sense to separate from the current lot.

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