Robert Tamayo


Upkeep Necessary

Yesterday marked the end of the first month of writing at Might and Myth. I wrote 20 posts and almost 9500 words. The issue I'm having now is that that entire site is on a single html file, so there is no post navigation or links to posts. To make matters worse, I didn't add ids to the posts, so I can't quickly add a navigation tab to it. This means I have some work to do before things get any more out of hand there.

The next thing I have to do is solve a similar problem here. I at least have links to posts and post previews on my blog, but I have even more posts now and they're all on a single page. When I designed this blog, I didn't really consider what would happen when I got to over a hundred posts, but there are now 175. They aren't organized by categories or tags, and there isn't a pagination or "load more" feature to keep the page size manageable.

So, I have some work to do. It will mostly be minor changes, but I'll be spending some time getting things in order. Things might change a bit, but all the posts will still be there. They might just be in a different area at some point. I'll probably also have to add a search feature in order to make it easy to find old posts once they are no longer all on the same page.
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