Robert Tamayo


Weekly Game Update - April 10

I might do weekly game updates instead of daily updates. I'll do them on Sundays, and provide any new screenshots I have. So far, I have modeled the main character modeled and created his running and idling animations.

Here's the character as he currently exists:

Again, I'm going with a low-poly look while I work on the "prototype" of the game. I do like the boxy style he has, though, as it reminds me of my previous game, Robot Ops.

I made a mistake and corrupted a lot of animation data after I created the shield, so I didn't make as much progress last week as I had hoped. By the end of this week, I plan to have him running and jumping inside the default Unreal level. If things go well, I'll add his double jumping and gliding as well. If things go really well this week, then I'll have an enemy that he can fight.
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