Robert Tamayo


Why my Blogging Dashboard is Not Mobile Friendly

I'm writing this post from my phone. I don't have my usual writing setup at the moment, so I have to log in to my personally-built blogging platform called Bob Blog to write blog posts frommy mobile device, not my desktop as usual.

The problem is that the dashboard for writing posts is not mobile-friendly. I can't see all of the text in a line at once; I have to scroll left and right on the screen to see what's going on. The edit buttons are all at the top of the page, so I have to scroll around to get to them. Zooming out is possible, but then the text can get really small, and the buttons too close together.

So, if I'm a web developer who makes mobile-friendly sites for a living, why is my own dashboard not mobile-friendly?

The simple answer is that it's something I never thought of doing. I never realized I would want to write a post on the go. 

I should probably update it, though, as it's getting difficult to write and the updates would be really simple to make. Maybe I'll do a before-and-after tomorrow.
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