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Winter is Not Wasting Any Time

I have family out in parts of the United States that are getting hit hard by the winter storm. It's negative 7 degrees where they are, and that's not including wind chill. Adding in wind chill, it's more like -35 degrees, which is apparently cold enough to cause frostbite in as little as 10 minutes.

I hope they stay warm. Here in San Diego, I'm thinking of going to the beach. It's supposed to be a warm 75 degrees over the Christmas weekend, and I hope to take advantage of it.

Another thing that Winter brings is the end of my original, extended launch window for Balloon Ghost. I haven't been working on the game, so despite being near completion, it may still be a ways off. I hope to get back into it soon, and I won't be using entire Seasons as my launch window this time. I'll choose something realistic but expedient, like end of the year or first month of January.

It helps that I'm going to be having some days off work coming up. It's officially a 4 day weekend at the office, and as usual, that means I'll be spending more time on my personal projects. It also helps that I'm mostly done with Christmas shopping. I only need 1 more stocking stuffer and maybe a few other things.

I don't usually like to use the New Year for resolutions and things like that, but I'm feeling like I may have to. As I wrote earlier, I'm considering a relaunch of my game development side project. I also have a ton of Computer Science and Programming books to go through, and I would like to spend 2023 focused on improving my skills and knowledge in that area. At the same time, I really enjoy writing at Might and Myth, which encompasses nearly everything I'm interested in that is not related to programming.

Maybe Winter will be a better way to divide things up. Winter isn't wasting any time getting started on its goals. So why should I?

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