Robert Tamayo


Words of Encouragement

Sometimes we just need a little encouragement. Even the most self-driven of us require a little outside assurance from time to time. There's a reason why such a concept as "home-field advantage" exists - athletes really do respond well to being cheered on. And don't forget that Sam always had an uplifting word for Frodo when the latter verged on despair.

Understanding this, I would like to make a point to be more encouraging to others in my life. I have somewhat of a blindspot to the importance of providing positive feedback to others. That's something that I am going to be changing, especially in one particular area: my wife and her drawings.

My wife has drawn and created some amazingly cute and charming animals for a children's book that she wants to create. I want her to continue on this path and finish her work, because I love her and I also think she's quite good at it. 

All I can do for her is provide some encouragement.

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