Robert Tamayo


Work When You Do Not Feel Like It

It's always nice to feel inspired to work. Sometimes, I feel driven to a frenzy with my passion in a project. But, most of the time, it is only discipline that drives me.

Some of my best days in the gym have been when I didn't feel like it, and some of my worst days in the gym have been when I really wanted it to go well. There's a difference between exhaustion and laziness. If you overcome your sloth, you will already be winning a battle when you start.

Obviously, the best place to be in is one where you feel motivated to work, physically refreshed, and mentally prepared. When those conditions aren't met, you can still put in the effort and do something.

The closer I get to finishing Robot Ops, the harder it seems to be for me to find motivation to finish up the last few bugs. But, I continue to do work on it, every day.

Where motivation fails, discipline delivers.
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