Robert Tamayo


Working in Seasons

I started off this year focusing on Might and Myth. I was enthusiastic about all things related to mythology, history, Latin, fantasy, language, and the humanities in general. By this point in the year, however, I've switched my focus over to technology, science fiction, futuristic aesthetics, space, and programming. 

While that may seem like a strange shift, it doesn't feel odd to me. I enjoy being able to switch between the two extremes, and while my heart may always choose Fantasy over Sci Fi, I've always enjoyed the two almost equally. Electronic music and synth sounds have always been a favorite of mine. Video games have always appealed to me. And I've loved programming ever since I discovered it.

To help organize these two extremes in my mind, I'm going to approach them in terms of seasons. I will imagine that Might and Myth season one has ended, and the technological and futuristic season has begun. I will still write a few posts on Might and Myth, but for the moment, I'm going to be focused on writing some similarly-structured posts on computing instead.

Once I'm done with Balloon Ghost, I'll get started on some programming blog posts once again.
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