Robert Tamayo


Writing Music for My Game

I thought I was done writing music for Robot Ops, but after surveying the levels I have and the songs in the game already, it turns out I was missing 2 or 3 songs. So I'm back to writing music for Robot Ops. 

There is a distinct difference in the music I wrote toward the beginning of the game's development and the music I've written recently. This game is actually a remaster of a game I started in 2014, but never finished. About a third of all the music in the game is brand new, and written this year for the remaster.

Altogether, I've written 8 new songs for the game, depending on which ones I end up using. These are all "video game" music songs, in the style of old 2D games from the 90s. But they aren't chiptune songs; I made all the music using Ableton Live.
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