Robert Tamayo


Your Your is Showing

It takes a few seconds to commit to memory the difference between "your" and "you're." If you're still mixing them up after reading this sentence, then you're not trying your best. Failure to get it right is excusable as a typo, but typing should typically not have typos. Too many typos in one's typing typically means one is not the type of person that has learned to type.

Your "your" should indicate possession, and your "you're" should always indicate the contraction of two words.

The greatest offense is the convolution of the "there" family of homophones. There are people in this world who are unable to commit to memory three simple rules. Such people must not realize the damage they're doing to their writing.

Here are some tricks to help.

there - concerns position - as opposed to here - there
their - concerns possession and ownership - an heir inherits possessions/ownership - their
they're - they + are - the only one with the apostrophe

I leave with this closing thought.

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then a banana a day keeps the cramping at bay.
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