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Robot Ops Character Showcase: Acro + Ghost

Acro is the final playable character in my upcoming game Robot Ops. Unlike the other characters, she is accompanied by her own drone named Ghost. Like Robo, she is a ranged attacker. She dual-wields two fully-automatic pistols. She can't use Dash Attack, but can Double Jump instead. Like Bolt, she isn't able to switch her primary weapon and instead relies on passive abilities to help her in battle. Her passive abilities are all handled by Ghost, and Ghost proves himself to be a very versatile and useful sidekick!

  • Ranged Attacks
  • Sidekick Ghost supports her with passive abilities
  • Double Jump
  • Fully-automatic dual-wielded pistols

Light Burst

Light Burst
  • Ghost periodically shoots a burst of light in an expanding pattern
  • Great all-around ability dealing medium damage to a wide area
  • Good for clearing groups as well as for targeting a hard-to-reach enemy

Nitrogen Spinner

Nitrogen Spinner
  • Ghost spins around Acro while emitting Liquid Nitrogen
  • Contact with enemies freezes them in place
  • Great for controlling groups of enemies
  • Quick recharge time


  • Ghost emits a pixel field that transforms enemies into Basic Bits!
  • Pixelated enemies can't use of their abilities
  • Pixelated enemies have 1HP
  • Great for getting up close and destroying difficult enemies in a single hit

Healing Time

Healing Time
  • Ghost focuses his energy on healing Acro
  • Heals for 3 HP
  • If health is full, instead adds a shield to Acro, giving Acro up to 8 HP
  • Only Hero ability that heals

Heavy Fire

Heavy Fire
  • Ghost goes full aggro and fires rapidly behind Acro
  • Clears "hallways" of enemies effortlessly
  • Combined with Acro's fully automatic fire, deals a devastating amount of damage very quickly
  • Has a low active time, but a fast recharge time

Damage Sync

Damage Sync
  • Ghost emits special radio waves that link all enemies to each other
  • Damage dealt to any enemy on screen will damage all other enemies on screen
  • Best AOE ability since no enemies are safe from any damage

Acro + Ghost is the 4th character for my upcoming game Robot Ops. Each character shares some attributes, but adds a completely different playstyle to the game. Some  can double jump, others can use a Dash Attack. Some can change primary weapons, while others can activate passive abilities. Some are ranged, and others are melee. Check out the other three:

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